Will you “Reap what You Sow” with your Team?

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For me, the last month has been all about putting down roots and planting seeds.

On a very superficial level, that meant planting 1,500 trees and hedgerow shrubs, along with sprinkling a few handfuls of seeds, as part of my plan to create a beautiful, tranquil space for my horses, clients and the local wildlife.

However, the deeper meaning came in the form of the number of people from our local community who came to help, some of whom I’d never even met before and all of whom gave their time and energy freely and unconditionally.  This has even extended into ongoing help with maintaining our raised beds and pruning shrubs. Putting roots down in our new home was always important to me and, whilst I appreciate that it’s an ongoing process, our tree-planting weekend has really brought home to me how far we’ve already come in carving our niche and starting to build a community around Glint.

Preparing the ground

In preparation for planting, I spent a week breaking up the ground and hammering in stakes.  This meant that, on the day, my team of 12-15 volunteers could work in small groups with each being given an area to plant and could get into a hole-digging, tree-planting, protector-installing rhythm.  The result: all 1500 young trees were safely in place within 2.5 hours!

Everything ran like a well-oiled machine (except the Burco boiler, but that’s another story!) and we all ended the day with a sense of fulfilment at a job well done.

You see, if you want to nurture a healthy hedgerow, or a cohesive team, you need to be prepared to put in the groundwork.  It’s a slow process and, whilst we got the trees in the ground in super-speedy time, it’s actually going to be a good few years before we really see the fruits of our labour.

The same applies with our teams; we need to prepare the ground now, sow the seeds and create a healthy environment for growth.  If we get it right, we’ll reap the benefits for years to come, seeing green shoots blossom into strong, closely entwined relationships with a shared purpose and vision. Get it wrong?  Well, you don’t need me to tell you how that goes!

Roots, shoots and horses?

Working with our equine partners is also about preparing the ground to enable you to grow a healthy, connected team.  We can’t be there with you every step of the way, but we can help you sow the seeds of change, weed out any challenges and prune a few straggly bits of wayward growth, so that you can shape your team to be the flexible, cohesive workforce you need to take you into the future.

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