Team Development: “You can’t plan the reactions of a horse!”

“… far more powerful than the usual role play used in training and coaching sessions.”
Senior Operations Manager, Telefonica O2 UK

Winston Churchill famously said “There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man!” And if it’s good enough for him, who are we to argue?

Today, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how our 4-legged co-facilitators have helped some of the companies we’ve worked with.

Team Development

In the workplace, Horse Assisted Development, or Equine Facilitated Learning, is an amazing tool for developing strong and connected teams, by helping them communicate with confidence and clarity. In this type of programme we work with the horses to create scenarios that represent the challenges the team might be facing, such as:

  • meeting targets
  • overcoming obstacles
  • working strategically

It always amazes me how quickly a team gets right back to basics when pushed outside their comfort zone by suddenly having a horse in their midst.

A Senior Operations Manager for Telefonica O2 UK, said she found our team development programme “far more powerful than the usual role play used in training/coaching sessions as you could not plan the reaction of the horses and had to really adapt your approach if you were not getting the results required.”

Our horses are the true educators in this work. They don’t do role-play, so noticing how they respond to our behaviour and energy offers us a unique insight into ourselves and our relationship to the world and to other people, aiding us in:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Manging stress
  • Improving relationships

So, thank you Mr Churchill, for your words of wisdom – you knew what you were talking about!

If you’re currently planning your training and people development budget, why not consider Horse Assisted Development? Because horses demand authenticity, and authenticity gets results!

At Glint, we believe people are happier, more inspired and more successful
when they can be themselves.

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