Success Stories


There’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet, 

but sometimes it’s more meaningful to hear what other people have to say…

Sean L

“Thank you for providing such an invaluable and transformative program at Glint. I am forever grateful for the positive changes it has brought to my life”

Sean L

Louise L

“The beautiful rural setting, coupled with the interaction with the horses and Heidi, seem to work some kind of magic”

Louise L

“I have the confidence to speak out”

Working with horses has built up my confidence. When I am at school in class I can now tell the teacher if there are things happening to me that I don’t like.  I have the confidence to speak out.

When I am home I am not scared to tell a family member if there is something happening that I do not like.

Aged 13

“Gained confidence and skills that they never even knew they had…”

All the customers that we referred have gained confidence and skills that they never even knew they had and all of them have moved on to new ventures that I feel they would not have been able to have done, before they completed their training with Glint.

I even have a customer that had lost all hope, after an illness left them with a severe cognitive disability, very depressed and feeling totally worthless and, working through many issues, has overcome these barriers and debilitating thoughts and has now moved on to secure 2 paid posts.

Michael Hutchinson
Employment Adviser, REAL Employment

“Discover a great deal about yourself and others…”

I thought I was a non-animal person but I have found out that I am.  Heidi’s horses, like herself, are remarkable, powerful and life changing.

The coaching process enables you to discover a great deal about yourself and others in a very creative, clever and fun way – we laughed and learnt lots.

Rachel Ward-Lilley

“Opened up the ideas of what is effective leadership”

As the owner of a company, usually everyone bends to my direction, so being outside my comfort zone with horses happy to eat grass in a field made me realise that my own standard approach doesn’t always work and opened up the ideas of what is effective leadership, team work and goals

Richard Hagan
MD, Crystal Doors Ltd

“We can apply our learning from the day to develop and improve our leadership”

We all felt that we learnt and benefitted from the experience and have discussed and reflected on the activities, individually and as a team, to look at how we can apply our learning from the day to develop and improve our own leadership and impact on the outcomes for our pupils.

I found the day particularly useful to develop and reflect on the relationships in our team and, although the final activity was very challenging, it was probably the activity I learnt the most from about myself and the dynamics of our team.

Annmarie Bell
Headteacher, Holy Cross and All Saints Primary

“Helped us explore our understanding of emotional intelligence”

As part of our LexisNexis leadership development, Heidi brought some new ways of thinking and really challenged us to explore our understanding as a team and as individuals.

As a social enterprise, the work that Glint does closely aligns with our values as a leadership team.

It was a fantastic experience to work with Heidi’s guidance and really helped us to explore our understanding of our emotional intelligence, collectively but, perhaps more importantly, individually.

Jim Charvill
Technology, Software Development and Architecture Leader, LexisNexis

“The ‘impossible’ became easy”

As soon as I achieved clarity in myself and believed I could do it, the ‘impossible’ became easy and as I fastened the halter, Billy gave a sigh of relief.

At last he knew where he stood with me and what I wanted from him.

This has really helped me see where I can improve my communication and inter-personal skills and has empowered me to alter my approach to a variety of situations. Already I have experienced some amazing moments and leaps forward in my relationships, both at work and socially.

Ben Smith