When willpower isn’t enough

Have you ever sat there and wondered why you’re just not achieving all those things you want to do? Breaking habits, overcoming phobias, managing anxiety, boosting confidence, hitting career milestones. Hypnotherapy is a natural and gentle tool which uses your own inner resources to bring about positive change and help you achieve realistic goals. Fully conscious and in control the whole time, we’ll help you explore your relationship with yourself and others; move beyond limiting beliefs and develop a healthy mindset. While gently guided into a relaxed state, your inner resources are activated to:

The best part? You are fully in control the entire time. We simply facilitate access to your inner wisdom. There’s no set path, we tailor it to your specific goals.

Everyone responds differently – that’s the beauty! Hypnotherapy meets you where you are and helps you become who you wish to be.

Ready to unlock your potential? Look into my eyes (Well, I won’t actually make you do that!) and let us help you change your life.

Investment in Hypnotherapy

Everyone responds to hypnotherapy differently; there’s no set ‘prescription.’ We tailor our approach to suit each of our clients. However, 20+ years’ experience tells us that, on average, people will have about 6 sessions. The exception to this is our single session “Stop Smoking Now” programme and the clue is in the title there!

Ad Hoc

£ 100
Per Session
  • Price per person

Block of 6

£ 575
Per block
  • Price per person

"Stop Smoking Now"

Extended Single session
£ 250
Per Session
  • Price per person