Young People & Vulnerable Adults

Our work with people who need support

With horses, people can’t hide what they are feeling; they learn to listen to their feelings before they become unmanageable.  This provides a great opportunity for ‘at risk’ people to work on:-

Boundaries: Like us, horses test boundaries.  As people work with them to learn limits, they assume a position of authority and responsibility.

Relationships: People learn to build healthy relationships. If they are withdrawn, aggressive, manipulative, or angry, the horse may not engage.

Behaviour Patterns: Horses are perceptive, but they don’t take notice of a person’s problematic background, or perceived shortcomings; they provide a positive space to safely explore painful feelings and destructive behaviour patterns.

Building Resilience: Though gentle, horses are large and powerful, creating opportunities for overcoming fear, developing courage, assertiveness and respect.


Programmes and Projects

The majority of our work with young people and vulnerable adults is carried out on a 1:1 basis, as this allows us to tailor our activities to meet very specific, individual needs.

We love running group workshops too though, so don’t be afraid to shout out if you have something in mind.

*Where appropriate, we work directly with commissioners to plan and deliver our programmes.

Also, keep an eye on our Events Diary, where we publish details of any upcoming open/public programmes.


  • 1:1 sessions £70/hour (Concessions £50/hour)
  • Groups of up to 4 (or 6) £200/hour (Concessions £100/hour)
  • Open/Public programmes are priced individually – see Events Diary