How you can support us: help us make a difference

Glint is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation – we want to  make a real difference to the lives of young, vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

We help people deal with bullying, abuse, mental health issues, additional needs, etc, and support them in re-discovering their purpose and direction in life.  We help to create young leaders; we encourage young people to re-engage with their education; we support young people and vulnerable adults in deciding what they want their future to be about.

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Working with us

Every time you take part in one of our programmes, you are enabling us to deliver our charitable goals – by helping yourself you are helping others.

The income we generate though our leadership programmes, coaching, mentoring and hypnotherapy sessions is used to cover our running costs, pay our facilitators and develop our programmes so that we can extend the work we do to reach more young people and vulnerable adults.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept familiar to many organisations and business leaders – it is the shorthand for adopting a sustainable business model which “delivers economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.”  Few businesses, especially small ones, can achieve this; but ALL businesses can take steps towards it.  By working with us, your business is supporting our charitable goals and, in doing so, supporting the future of young people and delivering social benefits.

Spreading the Word

Tell your friends, relatives and contacts about the work we do, especially our Leadership and Team Development programmes, our coaching and mentoring packages and our hypnotherapy programmes – helping us to increase our client base helps us generate the income we need to support our charitable goals


We try to run our organisation as cost-effectively as we can, by minimising staff overheads. If you have the right experience, a few hours to spare and would like to support us, you might like to help with routine horse care, or perhaps you would prefer to assist on one of our programmes?


Lots of young people and vulnerable adults miss out on important development opportunities because of lack of funds. We do our best to raise funds through funding bids and grants, but the more money we raise, the more people we can help. So, if you are able to invest in someone's future, there are several ways you can help and your contribution will be put to very good use:

Become a “Stablemate”

Regular, monthly donations really help our organisation.  You can set your own level of contribution and donating makes you one of our special Stablemates – a valued friend to Glint.

We use PayPal, so you are in control of your payments and your personal details.

“Sponsor-a-Pony” gift cards

Would you like to sponsor one of our beautiful ponies?  A one-off subscription of £20 will let you sponsor a pony of your choice.  Or you can sponsor the full team for £70.

Horsemanship Events

Although our Horse Assisted Development programmes aren’t aimed at horsey people, we like to put on an occasional event specifically for horse owners.  These events focus on developing an aspect of horsemanship, or equine wellbeing, that fits with our ethos of respecting and valuing horses as emotionally intelligent, sentient beings.