There’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet, but sometimes it’s more meaningful to hear what other people have to say.

I thought I was a non animal person but I have found out that I am. Heidi’s horses, like herself, are remarkable, powerful and life changing. The coaching process enables you to discover a great deal about yourself and others in a very creative, clever and fun way – we laughed and learnt lots.
Rachel Ward-Lilley, Director, Girls Out Loud

Working with horses has built up my confidence. When I am at school in class I can now tell the teacher if there are things happening to me that I don't like. I have the confidence to speak out. When I am home I am not scared to tell a family member if there is something happening that I do not like.
Abbas, aged 13

I found the demonstrations far more powerful than the usual role play used in training/coaching sessions as you could not plan the reaction of the horses and had to really adapt your approach if you were not getting the results required.
Pandaura Maund, Senior Operations Manager, Telefonica O2 UK Ltd

As the owner of a company, usually everyone bends to my direction, so being outside my comfort zone with horses happy to eat grass in a field made me realise that my own standard approach doesn't always work and opened up the ideas of what is effective leadership, team work and goals.
Richard Hagan, MD, Crystal Doors Ltd