Our Team they’re a pretty special bunch!

The two and four-legged members of our team all bring their individual skills, talents and characteristics to the mix, to ensure you have the best possible experience.


Horse Assisted Therapy with BillyBilly

Billy is a Welsh Cob and a very patient gentleman. Billy teaches us about anxiety and the importance of clear communication.

Horse Assisted Therapy with ZahraZahra

Zahra is a Part-bred Arab and a very curious young lady. She had a troubled life when she was younger, which means she’s quite a shy girl. Zahra teaches us about trust, patience and managing our energy.

Horse Assisted Learning with GertieGertie

Gertie is a Miniature Shetland and is full of mischief. Gertie teaches us about boundaries and that size really doesn’t matter if you set your mind on something!

Horse Assisted Development with CloudCloud

Cloud is an Arab and the youngest member of our team. He is still finding his way in the world. He teaches us about taking time to explore new things and about the importance of having a leader he can trust and count on.


Heidi Dawson: Horse Assisted Development & Therapy CoachingHeidi Dawson

Heidi is our CEO and Lead Facilitator.  She has many years’ experience as a coach, therapist, trainer and mediator and is the driving force behind Glint. 

Heidi has first-hand experience of the benefits of time spent with ponies, having experienced bullying as a young girl and finding solace in their company.  30 years later, she had cause to reflect upon the strength they gave her; the courage to stand up for herself; the wisdom to see that it’s actually ok to be different to everybody else.  Now, she takes those experiences and puts them to good use in the Horse Assisted Development programmes she develops and delivers with Glint. 

Whether it’s leadership and team development, or supporting young people and vulnerable adults in improving their life chances, Heidi believes that interaction with horses and ponies can and does create real and lasting learning on many different levels.


No man (or woman) is an island so, whilst Heidi delivers most of our programmes, she also has a small team of trusted Associates who support with group programmes in particular, but also with 1:1s where appropriate.

Our Partners

Our Partners are important to us.  Partnerships allow us to deliver a wider range of creative and innovative programmes that are tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs. 

Currently we're working with: 

If you have something that you would like to add to our mix, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us and let's see what the possibilities are!